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Trends Shaping the Future of Industries

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Global Top 8 Major Trends in Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry always remained a key adopter of the latest technologies and innovations. It has evolved over the centuries, from manual and human-controlled methods to machine-based assembly lines to highly automated factories.

A number of ongoing trends are combining to transform the manufacturing sector.


Green Ammonia - The Future of Renewable Energy

Ammonia, composed of three hydrogen atoms bonded to a single nitrogen atom, is widely used in producing fertilizers that allow us to produce enough food for everyone on the planet. This makes it the second most important molecule after water.

Green ammonia production currently costs around US$ 500 per metric ton.


What Does the Future of 5G Market Hold?

5G is a transformational technology, also referred to as the network of the future, through which enterprises will be able to choose cellular connectivity as a primary access technology, which is expected to speed up their digitalization.

The Global 5G market is gaining momentum globally.

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